Our mission is to create new media solutions for businesses to reach their audiences in seamless, productive ways through a combination of innovative technology and experienced leadership. Our success comes from experience, perseverance, and the aggressive pursuit of opportunities. We provide personalized services and support to ensure that our success becomes your success.


We use innovative technology to create effective digital strategies and comprehensive solutions for our clients and portfolio companies.

We formed Aurora Media, Inc., a privately held company, to investigate, develop and implement new media opportunities for businesses. Aurora Media, Inc. is the parent company of The Political Insider, LLC, TellMeNow.com, LLC, and Sports: Unstoppable, LLC, and operates closely with Intermarkets, Inc., the nation’s leading, independent digital advertising sales management and services firm.


The Aurora Media Portfolio features a variety of media content venues, focused on delivering powerful and engaging content to drive user engagement, and provide unique, high-performance advertising opportunities.


TellMeNow.com delivers informative, entertaining, and educational videos to a broad set of users. TellMeNow.com updates video content, drawing our users back to the site throughout the day. Advertisers can reach our users through standard and native display ad units, as well as through pre-roll video.

The Political Insider

The Political Insider connects subscribers to the pulse of all things newsy and noteworthy. From what bills are discussed on the Hill to dishing in front of food trucks on Cap South, we provide the inside connection to influencers and politicos around DC, in the media, and beyond. Our exclusive mix of news and commentary keeps users informed and entertained.

Sports: Unstoppable

Sports: Unstoppable, LLC was formed to expand Aurora Media, Inc.’s web content presence into markets in which users are highly engaged and deeply committed. Sports: Unstoppable will expand new and existing game titles with powerful user experiences into new markets, as well as provide opportunities to third parties for branded content and marketing messaging.


The Aurora Media Portfolio delivers standard and customized advertising solutions for you. Our sites provide an environment in which users are deeply engaged, reaching key demographics. Our advertising is managed by Intermarkets, Inc., who can custom-tailor a solution for you, harnessing their broad set of targeting, data, and optimization tools.


Kevin P. Lucido Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Lucido launched Aurora Media, Inc. in 2009 as an incubator to explore new media opportunities for businesses operating in the digital age. In 1997, Mr. Lucido founded Intermarkets, Inc., the nation's leading independent advertising sales management services firm, where he serves as CEO. Prior to that, Mr. Lucido led marketing and sales efforts in a variety of firms, in the software, publishing, financial services, and trade association industries. Mr. Lucido holds a B.B.A. in finance and an M.B.A. in international business from The George Washington University in Washington, DC.


April 29, 2015

The Political Insider Experiences Explosive Growth in First Year of Publication

September 8, 2014

Wrestler: Unstoppable Officially Joins Aurora Media, Inc.’s Sports: Unstoppable, LLC

June 27, 2014

Aurora Media, Inc. Agrees in Principle to Purchase Wrestler: Unstoppable.

June 3, 2014

Aurora Media, Inc. forms Sports: Unstoppable, LLC for the online game market.

December 13, 2013

Aurora Media, Inc. forms TellMeNow, LLC to launch TellMeNow.com video news and entertainment.

July 22, 2013

Aurora Media, Inc. acquires The Political Insider email newsletter and website.