Wrestler: Unstoppable Officially Joins Aurora Media, Inc.’s Sports: Unstoppable, LLC



Reston, Virginia, September 8, 2014—Growth, expansion, and enhancement of Wrestler: Unstoppable are the top priorities as it officially joins Aurora Media Inc.’s Sports: Unstoppable, LLC. Newly created Sports: Unstoppable, LLC recognizes the potential of the growing and changing social media gaming market and the driving force of passionate players and fans.

The initial goal includes a review of the platform for improved performance and experience for the members. The next evolution of Wrestler: Unstoppable involves technological upgrades and a dedicated team for player support and platform enhancements. “We’re very excited about developing and driving Wrestler: Unstoppable to the next level. The players are so important to the interaction and ultimate game success. We’re actively investing in improvements for the game’s dedicated player base and future players’ experience,” said Kevin Lucido, CEO of Aurora Media, Inc.

Sports: Unstoppable, LLC currently is evaluating the game for optimal player interaction; players will continue training and fighting to the top as the game’s enhancements and upgrades are planned.

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