Aurora Media, Inc. Agrees in Principle to Purchase Wrestler: Unstoppable.


JUNE 27, 2014

RESTON, VIRGINIA, June 27, 2014 – Aurora Media, Inc. today announced that it has agreed to purchase the Wrestler: Unstoppable game from Third Motion, Inc. Aurora Media, Inc.’s Sports: Unstoppable, LLC venture will own and operate the game. Details of the transaction were not disclosed.

“We’re excited to see a new opportunity for growth for Wrestler: Unstoppable,” said Alex Dailey, CEO of Third Motion, Inc. “The Wrestler: Unstoppable users have demonstrated their passion for the game over the years, and we’re pleased to have managed the game’s growth during that time, and that Aurora Media shares the passion for the game,” he added.

In Wrestler: Unstoppable, users create their own wrestler, and progress their wrestler’s career in a variety of matches and venues. Additionally, users can create and manage their own “companies,” in which they can manage their own shows, with matches and events.

“Wrestler: Unstoppable has a dedicated, passionate, and enthusiastic group of users, and we look forward to enhancing and expanding the game for them, as well as for inactive and new users,” said Kevin Lucido, CEO of Aurora Media, Inc. “The game fits with our overall strategy of providing engaging content for users whose demographics and psychographics are valued by advertisers, and expanding and growing the franchise into new markets and categories,” he added.

The game is expected to continue to operate without interruption related to the transaction. Users will receive updates about the sale as they become available.

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